Slowly Healing

So I added pics of my pinky so that you would understand that this is not a simple tiny broken bone!




What you are seeing is a pin going down the middle of the bone because it broke horizontally. The other pin (this is not a complete piece of metal like it appears) goes through the bone because it also split vertically. The metal “button” that is stitched through the fingernail is holding my tendon back in place as it was disconnected. In 3 weeks i get this cast off and then will find out the course of action for the button. If that doesn’t churn your stomach a little, you must be a doctor, a nurse, or a horse trainer. 😉 When I came out of surgery I was in a cast so I was a little shocked at how gnarly my finger actually was. Just like EVERY thing, God can use it for good, and He did! I realized I was in trouble of lagging behind with my horses and being in the right place at the right time with this cast. A friend of mine since high school kept telling me how great her boyfriend was at training horses. Blah blah blah, everybody is a horse trainer. Anyway, over time I have had a chance to get to know Jeff and before I knew he was partnered with me, in getting these mustangs ready for competition! I will post again later with pics of Jeff and I working. We had a friend come out and take pictures, and I am waiting to get those back! And let me just say, Jeff is a serious GOD SEND. He is one of the top two trainers I have ever worked with, and maybe the best…we will see.

In the meantime, I gotta wear this…



The Reason for This Blog

I trained horses from age 15-30 before I went and got myself married and had a couple of boys. They are now ages 6 (as of a couple of weeks ago) and 4. You will hear and see a lot of them in this blog.

Now, I am 37 years old and found myself entered into a competition for horse training. You can look up the details and past events for the mustang makeover and even find tons of videos on YouTube.

This year as I watched the finals I felt moved to enter. After I made this commitment to myself I learned that they upped the competition and now its called the Mustang Million. Basically this means that as long as they adopt 1000 mustangs for this competition, there will be $1,000,000 in prizes. Geesh, just the kind of pressure I really need. I will comment more on this along the way, but I want to get to the good stuff.

I have a little stud colt standing in my pasture. His name is Little Joe. When he was born, about 4 years ago, I had a toddler and a baby. I put a halter on the colt, vaccinated and dewormed him, taught him how to lead a little, picked up all four feet, did it all again a month later-and turned him out to pasture. He was weaned from his mom at 7 or 8 months old (I don’t exactly remember). A couple times when I thought he needed deworming, I would stand amongst the herd with my wormer tube held at arms link away from me and the curious colt would sniff it, lip it, and I would shoot it into his mouth. Worked every time.

Since I have barely ridden and trained a horse over the last six years, I decided Little Joe (my 4 yr old stud colt) would be a great horse to get me back in the saddle to training.

In the meantime, my corrals need to qualify for the mustang million and I need a round pen…


This is me.