Oops! Worse than I thought

So the injury was worse than I thought! While I am supposed to be merrily on my way to preview the mustangs-I have a non-negotiable appointment with an orthopedic at 1 pm today. Thankfully they forced me in, and thankfully the preview goes until 8pm tonight. Here’s a couple pics of the X-Ray. It has not been confirmed, but the primary doc and NP believes that the pinky bone split down the middle, and that piece is trying to exit the body! Ouch!!




4 thoughts on “Oops! Worse than I thought

  1. Ouch! But I guess that’s the price we pay to follow our passions. I pray it heals well. I do like your blog name -Mustangmandy. As you will know but I was not sure of, is that a mustang is, according to the oxford dictionary, a feral horse whose name origin means a masterless company of grazers! It reminded me of how we come to Christ. We’re feral, masterless. But with a firm hand guided with sure knowledge and patience, we begin to submit to the Master. We never really change as to who we are but why we are. Mustandmandy, I love the name. It conjures up the notion that ” I am strong, I have will , I am free but I submit”

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