“You’re a MOM!”

I will be attending my first adoption/auction to receive my mustang for the Mustang Million either Friday or Sunday. I really wish I had more time with Little Joe before that as the unexpected has happened.

A little history first. Almost 8 years ago I was working part of an elite counter terrorist organization, at least that’s how I described it. I was an armed security officer at a nuclear power plant where I met my husband. We were married 6 months later, and about a year and a half later I had my first son. I also had a successful horse training business all on my own. When I was 5 months pregnant I was kicked, by my own fault, in the stomach by a horse and spent the night in the hospital. The doctor couldn’t believe that both the baby and myself were unharmed other than a horse shoe shape bruise across my belly button. My husband informed me that was the end of the horse biz for a while. Lucas was born, and 19 months later Ely was born. That was four years ago. Luc is in kindergarten, Ely is in preschool, and I decided to enter this mustang competition. What am I thinking!?

Fast forward. When it came time to actually get on Little Joe, I couldn’t do it. I had tons of excuses: kids were with me and no one else around if I got hurt, horse isn’t ready as he’s really scared, too wet, boots too new that they kind of stuck in the stirrup, jeans too tight, saddle had a screw loose, and so on. I am discussing this with a sister-in-law who is also a horse person and a mom of three. She doubles over laughing at me! She finally says, “Mandy, you haven’t figured it out yet!” Again, i am going through my mind everything I have ever learned about horses trying to figure out what in the world I have forgotten about horse training. Turns out, my problem had nothing to do with horses.

Truth was-I was a mom. I was a mom! I was no longer a young, arrogant, invincible risk taker that had nothing to lose! Sure I may lose my life, but I have been saved eternally by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ-I literally had nothing to lose!! Until now. Now, if I get hurt, I still have to take care of my boys, my house, our animals. My husband works hard and this would be too much for lento add to his life! He doesn’t even like horses! 😉 So what’s a mom to do? Well, first I prayed. And then I fasted and prayed. Then I stared at my horse a few days and then prayed some more.

And I got on the horse. I’m good at what I do. My horses rarely bucked in the past. I haven’t been hurt starting a colt (injuries have come trying to fix “problem” horses). So why should today be any different? I even had Luc take pictures, the ones you see here. He even captured me being a loving mom to Ely when he got hurt (even if it was through a round pen fence).

We took one step backward and I let him be done. Rain has prevented me from riding him since, but tomorrow is looking promising.








2 thoughts on ““You’re a MOM!”

    • Thank you! My 6 year old loves taking pictures. I hope I continue to deliver joyful reading. There will be more because tomorrow behind the Mustang Million that inspired this all in the first place. Nervous!!

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