I’m Qualified!!

So I got my package! I’m officially qualified to enter the largest horse training competition on the planet-the Mustang Million!!

So what’s next? I continue eating right, and exercising and training Little Joe. I am also working on being consistent, persistent, self-controlled, patient and perceptive in every aspect of my life. Conversations are a GREAT place to practice all this.

The first chance for me to adopt a mustang for the competition is April 26th, 2013. One of my best girl friends, and my oldest horseman girl friend, will be joining me on the 25th to look over the herd of 150 and mark down who I want to bid on. Then she will be with me during the entire sale on the 26th.

Erin and I go way back to when kids are young, dumb and invincible. I got in trouble by her mom more than my own. We rodeoed together and she was always so much better than me and my horse. Erin is that type of friend that I can go two or five years without talking to and when we get on the phone it’s like we never missed a beat of our friendship. I am happy to be reunited with her. She being a part of this is another confirmation from God that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be.

One of my favorite memories with Erin is swimming our horses in her pond. Her dad would get so mad and tell at us to take the dang saddles off first, lol. We rode bareback at break neck speeds on our running quarter horses (quarter horse thoroughbred mix). They were fast and it never even occurred to us to fall off. We just didn’t. I don’t even know if I can still ride like that. I don’t know if my adult brain will allow it. I’m definitely going to find out given the chance, though. Here’s a picture of my letter. I’ll post a pic of Erin and I at the sale-THREE WEEKS.



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