I’ve Never Been a Clinic Person, but…

No, really-I’ve never been a clinic person. I went to one clinic in high school and I was 15. I was also the least experienced horse person with the least experienced horse. Both of us had about 60 days horse/person experience! We were basically pushed to the side and forgotten about. If I asked a question I was talked down to as if I didn’t belong. So, as far as I was concerned, I didn’t belong at any clinic. For the next 22 years I would not attend another.

Now, when I was 18, and worked on the guest ranch in Estes Park, CO, I would assist in hosting mini horse training clinics for the guests. I was working for Mark Rashid, and we were training mustangs. I remember one day thinking “I am living the ultimate dream. Now what do I do. I got to dream bigger!” Little did I know that this would come full circle to the Mustang Million.

Back on track to what I mentioned previously now that I was training again-something was missing. I knew I had the know how and experience, but something wasn’t right on the inside. The whole reason for the name of this blog-A Renewed Heart…-is because in the time away from training horses to have babies, I got to know God and his son, Jesus. I changed my life and started living for Christ, and no longer lived for myself or the world. This doesn’t mean I became perfect. It does mean that instead of trying to train horses for my glory and fame (which never did happen though I ran a successful horse training business for a while), I would train and hope in doing so I would somehow glorify God.

So, I can honestly say that I felt like I was being led by my God to attend my ol’ friend, Mark’s clinic in Bryan, TX.

This is Mark and I on the last day of the clinic. Next time, I’ll tell you what I learned.

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