Preparing the Corrals

Adopting a mustang is a process. There are requirements for the corrals, the gates, water source, transportation, etc. The first thing I was going to have to get done was the corrals. I decided to use existing corrals and just add a top rail so that they would be the needed 6 foot tall corrals. I had no idea how I was going to do that.

My family attends a church in Glen Rose, TX called Stonewater Church. It’s a church that teaches core values straight out of the Bible. Some people view my beliefs as “crazy”, “fanatical”, “strong” and I thank them for that! Really, we are just people from various backgrounds-Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, rednecks, divas, and everything in between and those that a label has never worked for trying to live the best lives we can according to God’s law. Anyway, we are taught to Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. This is the second and greatest command under loving nothing and no one more than God himself. I have been blessed by a couple of friends who are doing just that.

One day after church I was telling about my thoughts on entering this competition, my deadlines, needs, etc. My good friend-though I must say through this process has become a VERY good friend, Ann made me an offer. She said her and her husband, Wes, would like to help me get my corrals ready. I couldn’t say no! When God sends you a blessing it’s best to recognize it and then receive it! Wes is a welder by trade and a dang good one!! He wanted the opportunity to teach Ann how to weld, and I was all for it. Believe me, these corrals are pretty redneck and perfect for someone to practice and learn on.

When Wes and Ann arrived on the first day to work, welder in tow, we thought it would be a two day job and we were all excited. It was the middle of deer season, and Wes and Ann are avid now hunters. They could get the job done, and still have time to hunt before Wes had to go to Kansas for his next job. That was the plan anyway…until day 2.

On day 2, I actually took the time to READ the rules and discovered that the corrals needed new gates, some protrusions cut off, and more pipe adds than just a top rail. Well, days turned into a week and then another. Weather wasn’t cooperating, and we all have kids and lives! Wes got a lot done, but probably more importantly, he had taught Ann enough so that she could continue on her own! So we are in our second month, new gates were custom ordered and Ann and I installed them, the corrals are 6 feet tall and safe! We are still working on the details-improving the shoot, welding, grinding and painting.

The picture here are of my friend, Ann working…sometimes well after dark. Here in Texas, this is loving your neighbor as yourself!





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